Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Paying for Posting

Just today, I signed up for a payperpost account.

There is nothing unusual about the site, and the name pretty much says it all. Sell your intellectual soul for some quick candy. What's not to like? Welcome to the marketplace of opinions.

In truth, they don't actually pay that much. Most of the blog post offers I've seen are $6-10, although there are a few low double digits as well. This is not the filthy rich scheme you have been praying for. Whatever reason I have for this affiliation, it's certainly not going to be because it's lucrative.

The real reason I liked the idea of "working" for these guys, was for brain gain. Yeah, I honestly felt like I was running out of spaggetti juice. Writing about my own life could be very fascinating, (and it is!) but I think I'm too honest or modest to really think of myself that way for too long.

I know I'm not that good of a writer, compared to the novelists I read. So maybe signing with this crew is exactly the sort of kick in the seat I need to buckle down and hone my skills. This is sort of a warning to you people, you may just see a post about raising dogs!

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