Friday, December 19, 2008

Thinking the Lions Blog

I was strolling through the internet on day, and ran across the Thinking the Lions blog. (Is strolling possible in cyberspace? Perhaps this is indicative of a slow internet connection. Anyhoo, moving on.)

Thinking the lions is an interesting blog. The writer is an awesome god among mortals. I'm getting a divorce. Are you paying attention?

All right, I cannot vouch for the whole blog, as I haven't actually read the whole thing. But if you get a moment, at least check this article out.

And if you do have a lot of time on your hands, read the whole blog.

Lesbian Zombie Blogging

First response after writing the title of the blog post, "Huh?" It sounds really silly.

Run by sometime. It's part random blogging, part original take on the zombie invasion. And I can never do with too little info on the zombie invasion. A bunch of girl crazy chicks go brain crazy. What's not to like?

Shady Library Looms

I really ought to dump another load into the Shady Library. Waiting until the end of the month is a bad habit.

Here's what I'll do. I'll load up December, and then first thing in January, BAM! You won't know what hit you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa's Lap, a video feed

Well, here's a fun experience I had. got a wish

I was recently invited (very recently, meaning about five minutes ago) to look at a digital photo frame.

I've known about these frames for a while, I even know a few people that have them on their desks at work. The digital frame "that I just have to see from their website, right now, becuase it's frakin awesome, that's why" was from CEIVA.

The frame CEIVA offers isn't that different from any of the others I've seen. It has a memory to store digital photos, and will cyle through the list until it reaches the end, and then show the same photos some more. Not bad, if you're into accidentally showing of your "interesting" photos and getting fired on account of your boss not being that open minded.

However, their website experience is VERY unique. Going to their site gets you a video from "Santa's Workshop". An elf and Santa talk about the upcoming holidays, and give you an oportunity to upload a photo of your own to see what it would look like on the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame.

I was impressed with the technology behind the video. They incorporate your name, what you want for Christmas, and even show your photo several times in the video. I would buy the CEIVA Frame, if only because I was that impressed with their website.

Also, just a cherry on the top, running through the video can get you entered in a $500 drawing. Just think how many CEIVA Digital Frames that would get you.

Try it out yourself. Seriously, it was fun.