Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Find on the Internet

Here's an interesting site. "" Search Engine


Simple enough, I guess. is half Google ads and half search results. It's beauty lies in its URL simplicity.

Check this out, I searched for "Bad Boys" on a handful of search engines, and was by far the most straight-forward.

Here's some URL samples that will change your perspective.

I'm not ready to say that this is a complete search revolution, merely based on URL size. There may also be some speed optimization on their very near schedule.

However, this is almost the Tinyurl of all search engines. Don't be surprised if this site gets big.

The beauty of TinyURL was the ability to give a very small number of digits to a friend, and have them be able to go to an impossible-to-memorize internet location. With, you can easily type in your search directly from the address bar. Want to look up ducks? Just type in Using a search engine as user friendly as Google would introduce unecessary steps. That is, "Type URL" -> "Type search". is as simple as just, "Type URL".

That's okay by me. Anything I can use that will speed up my internet life, I'll take.

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