Friday, April 18, 2008

Cracking the PayPal Lockbox

How do you get your money from PayPal? I'm sure a lot of you out there have asked yourselves this very question.

PayPal is very easy to set up. You just ask them for an account, give them your email address, and you have a place online to put money. The funny part is, you can only PUT money there, you can't take any money out. Haha, very clever!

That is, until you get verified. Yes, a verified PayPal account. [sigh... wistful glance at the ceiling] Getting a PayPal account verified has been less fun than getting my head stepped on by a horse. You need a credit card or a bank account, and I haven't bothered with either. I've restricted myself to a debt-free, strictly cash mentality, something that anyone in the mafia would be proud of.

You can get a Virtual Credit Card, and verify PayPal with that. Unfortunately, to fund the credit card, you something like an account. A really good way to fund the account is with PayPal, but guess what? It's locked! This looks a lot like square one.

I ended up getting a no minimum-balance MyAccess checking account from Bank of America. I guess I've taken the first step to being a normal citizen.

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