Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The M&M Face Smack

Who thinks the way we eat M&Ms is strange?

First, we get a sealed plastic bag of M&Ms from the store. We rip off a corner, so that most of the bag is intact, but if the bag gets tipped, the M&Ms come out pouring just where we want them. Then, we either pour some M&Ms into a bowl, or directly into an open palm. If we poured them into a bowl, then we just scoop some up into our hand later, so the bowl is an almost unnecessary step.

Now, we have some M&Ms in our hand. Some people will use their other hand to drop one M&M at a time into their mouth. However, most of the planet's humanoids will take their handful of M&M's, and smack their face with it.

I'm not joking. They honestly hit their face with a handful of M&Ms.

The inertia from the trip of mid-waist level to face level will fling the contents of the hand to the back of the mouth, resulting in M&M joy.

Is there any other creature on earth that hits their face with a handful of food?

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