Thursday, April 24, 2008

Justin Long is a Mac Traitor

This is one of the coolest articles I have ever read.

I am a huge PC guy, and have probably spent at least 40% of my waking life on a PC. I code on a PC. I code for PCs. In the Mac perspective, I have spent maybe 3 to 5 hours total, browsing and messing around on someone else's box, so I probably haven't given Apple a fair shot.

However, it turns out that Justin Long has had lots of experience with Mac. He's done a lot of cool Mac commercials, which I happily watch on my PC. He's also a hilarious actor, but I digress.

Justin, the Mac king, (or prince, taking into consideration Steve Jobs) has purchased a PC.

I won't ruin it any more than I already have. You must read the article for yourself.

Apple's Mac Guy is a 'Closet PC' User.

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Mandelle said...

You are retarded. That article is a fake news article. It's called satire you moron.