Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Human's Prayer

I was born in Azeroth, the land of the holy ways. I was taught the light. I was taught the truth. I was taught devotion to the king. I will defend the land of the pure. From Northshire to Goldshire, from Lakeshire to Darkshire. I will protect the weak and the helpless.
I will lend any aid inasmuch as I am able to the land of the Allies. I will defend the land of the dwarves, from the stronghold Ironforge to the hinterlands to the burning steppes. I will defend the land of the elves, from the tree of Teldrassil to the mountains of Winterspring.
I will defend the mighty city of Stormwind, and serve in the bastion Theramore. I am strong. I am mighty. I withstood the horde, the scourge, and the worst of Illidan's rage. I await the king. I will never lose faith.

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