Sunday, March 23, 2008

America the Beautiful

America is the greatest country in the world, of course.
Today, I walked to the local oil depot (gas station) to get some junk food.
I had to walk about a half mile through a grassy field, and I wasn't
robbed and later executed by Mexican guerrillas. I got to the city
roads, and while I was crossing, African freedom fighters hanging off
the sides of a passing cargo truck did not riddle me with AK-47s. I
got to the station, and while I was there, Palestinians did not blow
it up. I paid for my sealed-in-plastic, sanitary junk food, and the
Chinese Red Guard did not arrest me for being unpatriotic. The walk
home was equally fantastic.
All in all, an excellent country. However, do we really think the rest
of the world is that crummy? It sounds like the ripoff of a bad,
sci-fi, Utopian/Distopian plot-line.

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