Saturday, March 22, 2008

Derrick vs. Steven Part 3

The driver of the limo tried to stop his vehicle, but the rubber tires burnt black tattoos into the road, and the car smashed into the sudden appearance of Derrick. The limousine's hood crunched into an invisible wall.
The bubble of energy around Derrick proved to be surprisingly resilient, to the pleasant surprise of its occupant.
With trembling fingers, Derrick typed out a hasty set of commands to the computer controlling his energy field.
Several invisible knives sliced through the road around the disabled automobile. With a misstep, part of the rear bumper fell off, and a tire was knifed in half. Derrick winced at the loud pop, but continued with his plan.
In seconds, Derrick, the limo, and a large section of road rose into the sky. They were above the roof-tops of the Detroit apartments when several bodyguards jumped out of Derrick's captured vehicle. They fired pistols at the wacky scientist, but the bullets were as ineffectual at piercing the energy field as the limousine's engine block.
Derrick sent a beam of energy through the middle of the car, and made a bubble around each half. One bubble held the bodyguards and chauffeur, the other held the prize.
Derrick let the unlucky personnel go, gently depositing them on the roof of an unremarkable apartment, and released their energy field.
Then it was just Derrick, half of a limousine sitting on a jagged chunk of asphalt, and one Mr. Steven Vance, trembling on leather upholstery, all floating above the fine city of Detroit.

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