Sunday, March 30, 2008

Get Rid of Coffee

On a recommendation from Steve Pavlina, I've decided to stop drinking coffee.

This will most likely be met with a vast amount of geek criticism, but
I've held true almost a week, and I'm pretty sure it's safe to say
that I am not addicted.

I've personally had a few revelations, and I think that Steve would
mostly back me up.

1st revelation: Coffee is a diuretic. If you stop cold-turkey like I
did, and you used to drink five or six cups of coffee daily like I
did, you will notice this severe change to your diet. Like I did.
Simply speaking, a diuretic will speed up your digestive system.
Getting your body used to diuretics will make your digestive system
work normally while you take the diuretics. If you stop taking the
diuretics, your body will cramp up, bad. Basically, transition slowly,
or risk constipation.

2nd revelation: Coffee is a nervous stimulation. Everybody knows this,
hence the popularity of coffee. However the stimulation we so crave
early in the morning is not completely burned out of our systems by
the time we go to bed. This makes time spent sleeping not as
effective, and has been attributed to some particularly grouchy

Personal verdict, I feel much healthier. I've gotten over the
constipation (thank G) and feel less tired than when I was a black
coffee guzzler. Place this in the For What it's Worth category.

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Serena Mcelyea said...

One other effect is that your teeth will begin to discolor when you drink coffee constantly. It might be good if people could reduce their coffee intake, or find an alternative drink to replace it.