Saturday, June 28, 2008

God is Angry

This post is specifically for those who believe we (elect humans) become Gods after death.

Logic Rant:

  1. We live forever in joy when we reach heaven, basking in the glory of God.
  2. God is angry with the wicked, and offers endless blessings to the righteous.
  3. In heaven, we become Gods ourselves, taking care of (among other things) the remaining children still on earth in mortality.

If all three points are correct, we must then assume that rules that apply to us, also apply to God. Also, vice verse. Not only does God live forever in joy, but it is also one of our traits that we are angry with the wicked, and offer blessings to the righteous. What is said about God applies to the righteous dead as well. This also means that God can be both in a state of joy, and in a state of unbridled fury towards the wicked.

Thus, one of the following must be true:

  1. The universe has imploded due to this paradox.
  2. Someone needs to rewrite the scriptures so they make sense.
  3. God is happy being angry, and so can you!

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