Monday, May 19, 2008

Yo-yos and the end of the world.

I watched a completely wicked yo-yo video, and I would have blogged about that, but some guy wrote an even better post below it, so I'm really torn here. How about I blog about both?

The wicked vid.

The even awesomer post about the end of the world... found on the same page.

Posted by: Digital 1 days ago
if the 2012 thing freaks you out you're a moron. idiots have been doomsaying every year since we thought up the end of the world. Every year someone says the world is ending, sells a book, and laughs as the timer runs out. If you even BLINK about 2012 you're part of the crop that they are feeding from, and I laugh at you. Try looking up 'rapture' or 'apocolypse' or even 'end of the world' and throw a year on the end of it. 2007 was a good one, lot of books sold by that woman (she did say 'whoops' on January 1st) Every, Year. You keep falling for it, I keep laughing. Live your lives sheep, if you are so eager for it to end take your own lives and leave the rest of us in peace.

You sir, Mr. Digital, are a genious, a gentleman, and a scholar. Please win a Nobel peace prize some day.

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